- John Yong
First of all I would give my biggest thanks to Sean Lee! Since training under Sean I am able to lead a healthier lifestyle. The results were amazing and astounding considering the amount of time I have put in.  In retrospect I was leading a very typical and sedentary lifestyle. Things have changed in just that few months training with Sean. At first my objective was to get lean and in good physical condition. However, Sean not only helped me accomplished this but I actually got to put on quite a few pounds of muscle in the process. I manage to cut my body fat percentage from 27% to 17% just training with Sean. I have got to be honest; I am in a much better fitness level now then I was before and am heading towards leading a healthier lifestyle. A mere 3 months training with Sean has given me such unexpected results. Sean is truly an amazing trainer because not only did he planned all the workout but he also taught me that training is not the only way of staying fit and healthy but is a lifelong lifestyle to be maintained.

-Nicholas Chew
I was a beginner cyclist early year 2010. I was new to everything about cycling, from nutrition, training to races. The motivation I had for training was after reading Lance Armstrong's book - It's not about the bike, but that's just so much a book can provide - motivation, facts, and tips. Lance Armstrong is a born-cyclist, but his training schedule could never fit a beginner like me. Also, the stuff that he ate may not be easily accessible from where I came from.

That's where a trainer comes into the picture. He customize your training, to fit your lifestyle, purpose of training, period of training, race goals, body condition, and the list goes on... Sean Lee was the man in my mind, knew him from college, and a fitness coach himself, he answered to all the questions that I threw to him. Which muscle does this training build on? What should I eat before my race? How should I train considering the time and energy I had left after a whole day of work? And since the consultations, I'd never doubt about my ability and preparation to cycle or run (I'm a duathlete now) a race, and I only did better after each.

My achievements in every race for this past 1 year (though I've yet to win any, but my timing got better each time) would not be significant shall Sean wasn't there to advice me at the 1st place. I'll be joining my 1st full-marathon this coming May @ Singapore Sundown, goal of sub-4, and I know I can do it, when I can have all the advice and coaching tips I could get from the expert here!

Milan Teh: How I lost 11kgs?

Well, the reason of why I wanted to lose weight is embarrassing, really. I couldn’t fit into any jeans of regular size. Felt kinda bad and thanks to the great help of a qualified trainer friend, Sean, I never knew losing weight is that easy.

During my process of losing weight, I only threw in a 30 minutes indoor workout and the most important thing is the food that I take. Thanks to Sean, I’ve got the right knowledge on what to look out for and I never got hungry but ate more meals per day. Not just that, he is capable of motivating me, perhaps because of his knowledge in psychology from his tertiary education.


My Transformation:
Everyone can do this. I was once like you!