Poliquin Biosignature Modulation

Poliquin ‪ BioSignature ‬ modulation is a method based on the correlation between body fats distribution and possible hormonal imbalances. We focus on addressing the potential imbalances to improve body composition through specific 12 sites measurement. This is not a spot reduction technique but through research we did found that hormonal fat gain is spot gaining.

For example, people who have stubborn fats at the belly (umbilical) area is normally caused by excessive stress hormone (i.e.. cortisol), lack of sleep and poor stress management technique. If you keep pushing yourself to train harder and put yourself into a more extreme diet, you are just going to further increase the stress hormone which in turn caused the fats around the belly area harder to lose.  By modulating the hormonal imbalance, the culprit of your stubborn fats could be addressed. The supplement advised in this case would be to calm down the central nervous system so that the body can utilize the fats more efficiently instead of holding on fats to protect itself.

Fats accumulation at the triceps are link to androgen problem (e.g. for men is due to lack of testosterone) and fat deposition at the back of the shoulder blades are due to insulin. From such, the supplements use will be different. We are looking into herbs blend to target these problem and not ordinary supplements that you get over the counter like whey, BCAA or fat burner.

This method will only work on top of a solid exercise training program and a clean eating diet. It will not work if you are having poor eating diet and no exercise. It is design to help you to lose the stubborn fats faster by targeting your hormonal imbalance issue.

In a BioSignature modulation assessment session, we will measure 12 sites on your body and then correlate it to possible hormonal imbalances. Then we will come out with a list of supplements which will help with your condition. The session only include a 12 sites measurements and a consultation session on lifestyle and diet modification which takes about an hour. Supplements are not included in the consultation session. Supplements need to be purchased online on your own or through me. The cost for the consultation session is RM250 (per session per hour).

Sean Lee
Chiropractor, B. Psychology
CSCS, PICP2, BioSignature modulation practitioner, PN1