General Fitness Personal Training

Why should you?

For men,
  •  Do you have enough strength to lift your child and let them sit on your shoulders when they are 5 years old?
  • Are you properly conditioned to play and run with your children (or perhaps grandchildren) when they have grown up?
  • Will you be able to pick up and play sports with your friends or colleagues when you have free time or even when you are retired?

 For women, just imagine these:

  •  You are doing house cleaning. You try to reach up the top part of the cupboard and suddenly there is this big heavy box that fall on you. Do you have enough strength to push it off and protect yourself?
  •  You want to move this box or furniture but found that you are unable to lift it. End up? You have to wait till the end of the day until your bf/hubby has finished his work.
  •  You want to get pregnant? There will be an 8 to 10 pounds flesh hanging on your stomach; do you have enough lower back strength to support it for 9 months? Even worse, it gets heavier day by day. Eventually, you will end up having postural problems.
Also, in non-training adults, there would be a 5% reduction in metabolic rate every ten years due to loss of muscle tissue, which in turn will leads to INCREASE in BODY FAT accompany the aging process. Not bad enough? How about osteoporosis?

With all these, are there enough reasons for you to be at your best condition as possible?

Give it a thought...